About Us

Avery Allen founded Miller Labs in 2014 after many years in the fields of chemical engineering and manufacturing. I guess you could say that instead of taking 3 or 4 things to help with focus, stress and energy, it was a natural fit to make one drink that did it all, and that's Nutramint explained in the simplest way.

We took a concept of adding a mood stabilizer to energy and nootropics and ended up with a fast acting drink that created a whole new beverage category. A few thousand experiments later, someone started calling it The Smart Serum and that name stuck because it accurately describes our hard-working drink.

Always short on money and forever optimistic, we slowly grew into a fully certified facility for continuing our research and large-scale production of Nutramint.

In the end, if you understand that life is a constant hustle and you're willing to dive in, it would be our pleasure to help you feel better and get more done!

Avery Allen & The Miller Labs Team